Sierra Club to Focus on Outdoor Cooking with The Dirty Gourmet

You hike, you backpack, you camp … and you gotta eat. So why not learn to eat really well in the great outdoors? The upcoming meeting of the West Los Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club is set to educate you on how to do just that with their guests, The Dirty Gourmet. Their mission is to inspire gourmet outdoor cooking by providing easy camping recipes and ideas. Whether you’re a weekend car camper or a serious backpacker, go beyond hot dogs and rehydrated sludge and discover your gourmet potential!
Bring your taste buds this 7pm, Thursday, January 10 at Culver City’s Veterans Memorial Auditorium (Garden Room) and find out how to make your next wilderness adventure delicious .
The Dirty Gourmet was born when Aimee, Mai-Yan, and Emily all found themselves at a crossroads in their lives (the very best place you can be, in our humble opinion.) Aimee and Mai-Yan had just returned to Los Angeles after a four month bike tour through Canada, and Emily had moved out of her cabin in the woods to live in the real world again. They were all interested in taking on a fun new project together, and decided to turn their shared passion for food and adventure into something tangible.

Being the outdoor foodies that they are, they naturally started experimenting with their favorite home recipes in our various outdoor excursions. That led to much success and also a few disappointments. With their combined experiences, they found that they had quite an arsenal of ideas and endless excitement for creating new recipes. On a recent camping trip they prepared a record 14 dishes in one day, and realized two things—that they needed to have more people camping with them (so they wouldn’t eat so much!) and, more importantly, that they should share these taste bud-tingling recipes with fellow outdoor foodies.

This free educational event is sponsored by the West Los Angeles Group of the Sierra Club’s Angeles Chapter. Plenty of free lighted parking. Refreshments are served and there is always a lively talk accompanying the program. Feel free to bring a friend; all meetings are open to members and non-members of the Sierra Club.

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