Just a Thought – Three is Magic Number

It’s a great time to celebrate, because we’re three! As Culver City Crossroads moves into it’s third year, we’re still at the intersection of local and noteworthy, and happy to be here. This past year we’ve added an RSS feed, opened our “CC Foodie” page, and reported on another important local election. Posting almost a thousand stories this past year (987 to be precise) Crossroads is still growing, and we’d love to hear your ideas about what you’d like to read (or write, or shoot) in 2013.

Wishing all the best in the new year to our awesome writers; Amy Brunell, Sandra Coopersmith, Bob Eklund, Janet Mitsui-Brown, and Jozelle Smith – getting to read your stuff is every week is one of the best parts of the job! Applause for our CCHS intern, Kourtney Brodnax for doing a great job with her School Board assignment, and huge kudos to Pam Teplitz for her terrific graphic design and web support.

Big bouquets of gratitude to all our sponsors, Rachel and Rony (and Toni and Eric) at Rony’s Car Pros, Ken at New Leaf Landscaping, Julie at Kitchen Witch, Freddy and Norma at Abba Padre Bikes and Books, Rebecca Penso’s Educational Testing and all the wonderful folks at Transition Culver City – We couldn’t do it without you! Lots of very loud cheers for our subscribers and donors – it’s wonderful to be wanted.

When the thought came up in the early 1970’s that animated music shorts might be a great way to help kids learn math, they started with a test-drive, “Three is a Magic Number.” They had no idea that the next decade-plus would see the Schoolhouse Rock project bring in some top of the line cartoonists and artists, amazing songwriters and musicians, and create dozens of shorts singing about information and education from finances to politics. The song “Three is a Magic Number”is probably in your head without even having to think too hard to remember it. Maybe Schoolhouse Rock helped you with math or history or grammar. Pretty cool for just a thought, eh?

All it takes to change the world is an idea and some passion to fuel it. With writers, sponsors, and readers, we’ve got the magic three. So, thanks for being here with us for the past three years; the best is yet to come.

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