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Thanksgiving this year in Los Angeles was amazing. The weather was Southern California warm in all its glory – and to highlight it, my husband and I prepared a wonderful dinner with lots of help from family, and my daughter from New York was here. We prepared dinner, feasted, my daughter worked, and we enjoyed a drive to Ojai for the day. It was a yang moment the last week of autumn.

The following week everything changed…it began with my husband coming down with a stomach virus circulating Los Angeles, and then I caught the bug Wednesday night, almost exactly a week after Thanksgiving.

From yang to yin. What a difference a week makes. I was really sick and had to lie down for hours. And then the weather changed — it rained & drizzled for days. As I described to my daughter back in NYC, life is not all yang – and here’s the yin cycle one week later.

I’m also a children’s book writer and illustrator and my brother had carefully set up a reading for me at a new community library in his neighborhood. I was skeptical about doing it because I was so sick, but I knew people were counting on me, so I rested, asked for spiritual assistance, and prepared for the hour drive to the site.

And then, somehow the sun parted, it stopped raining, and the 60 freeway, a one hour drive east from my home, had no traffic – and to top it off, my stomach behaved to and from, and during the reading. It was a feng shui moment.

One of the guests at the reading was a middle-aged man with his two kids. He came up to me after the presentation, and told me he just came from a job interview at Chick Fil A…he said he needed the work, and was waiting for a response. He said he liked my book & felt cheered by the reading. I was touched by his words, and knew my effort to get to the library was important for many reasons. I’m glad I worked through the yin period and made the effort to get through it, because I ended up with many unexpected rewards.

As we enter December, a very yang holiday during a very yin season, it helps to remember to keep balance in life, and to work through these yin moments.

It’s December now, and the days are short and get dark earlier – but December 21, the winter solstice is around the corner – the shortest day of the year – and then we will make the change to longer days. It’s a natural cycle – so enjoy the dark and lighten it with holiday cheer. The return of the light is a reason to celebrate – nature’s cycle continues its natural transition.

Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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