Huzzah! We Have a Crosswalk (and a stop sign)

It’s the sound of squealing. It could be the surprised tires squeaking to a halt at the new stop sign at Sawtelle and Hayter, or it could just be me, making delighted noises at the appearance of something I’ve wanted for about a decade.

The crosswalk – thank you neighbors, thank you city council, thank you public works department – will make it a lot easier for people in the eastern slice of Sunkist Park to be able to be friends with their neighbors on the other side of Sawtelle, and most importantly, will make it a lot easier for children to walk to school.

The last word from Mayor Weissman was January. Once again, our wonderful folks at City Hall made it happen ahead of schedule.

Now, slow yourself down coming over that bridge and be ready to hit the brakes; children are walking.

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  1. I just used the new stop sign today. I had forgotten it was there, but I really like it. Also impressed with the repainting of the bike lane markers.

  2. I too am pleased with the addition of the stop sign on Sawtelle and Hayter. However, I noticed last Thursday, when I was on my way to pick-up my sons from their ceramics class at the park at about 5:15 PM, that there were many cars making righthand turns into the neighborhood around El Marino Elementary. They were disregarding the posted signs and turning right during the NO RIGHT TURN hours! Even though I do not live in that neighborhood, I do understand why no one is supposed to be turning into that neighborhood during the morning and evening hours. Cutting through a neighborhood filled with children and winding roads is more than wrong, it’s against the law. Safety is more important than time and these drivers should be ashamed of themselves for putting their impatience before the safety of the people living there and before the law! My sons ride their bikes and/or scooters to their class at the park and they use the sidewalk on that side of the street. I am very concerned that one of these impatient drivers, not following the law, may inadvertently hit one of my sons on their way to the park. I am so appalled by how many cars I saw turning to get around having to stop at the new stop sign that I hope that the Culver City Police station an officer near there to cite these unlawful drivers. If I were a Culver City Police Officer, I would park myself by the very first NO RIGHT TURN time window begins. There is no excuse to violate these needed ordinances to avoid having to stop. Please think before considering driving through the neighborhood because you don’t want to be delayed having to put on your breaks. SLOW DOWN! Stay on Sawtelle and stop at the corner of Hayter OR take an alternate route that is NOT through the neighborhood. Thank you!

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