Election Numbers Expand Black Caucus

District Atty Jackie Lacey
District Atty Jackie Lacey

African American election night victories in races for the California State Assembly resulted in a net gain of one and increased the California Legislative Black Caucus to nine members.

The Caucus has never had more than nine members since its founding in 1967, and is particularly proud of the election of representatives in districts where African Americans are not in the majority.

“I want to congratulate the newly elected African American legislators for breaking new ground and increasing our strength and collective voice in the California Legislature,” said Senator Curren D. Price, Jr., Chair of the Black Caucus. “The Caucus was instrumental in helping achieve these victories and we are gratified.”

The newly elected African Americans to the State Assembly are:
Cheryl Brown, 47th District
Chris Holden, 41st District
Reggie Jones-Sawyer, 59th District
Shirley Weber, 79th District

“Without the commitment and tireless support of Senator Price and the California Legislative Black Caucus, these electoral victories would not have been possible,” said Cheryl Brown.

Shirley Weber is the first African American ever elected to a state office from San Diego County. Also, Los Angeles County elected its first ever African American female District Attorney, Jackie Lacey.

“I think these election results are particularly important because they underscore the fact that African Americans can win elections in districts that are not traditionally represented by African Americans,” said Senator Price. “Good elected representation has no color and we are proud to be a part of that progress both socially and politically.”

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