Operation Firefly – Get Lit !

Inspired by the changing of the seasons and the end of Daylight Savings time, the
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) is proud to announce the launch of “Operation Firefly,” a bicycle light distribution and safety education program in an effort to ensure Angelenos riding bicycles at night are seen by motorists and other users of the road.

LACBC’s “Team Firefly” volunteers will be handing out front and rear lights during night-time street distributions all over Los Angeles. LACBC’s first street distribution will take place during the week following the November 4th time change. “Our goal is to seek out people riding without lights for various reasons, especially riders who may not have the means or time to acquire lights on their own,” said Education Director Colin Bogart. LACBC has invested in a few hundred light sets and intends to continue weekly street distributions until all the lights are gone.

Following the November 4th time change, more bicyclists will be riding the streets after the sun has gone down. Legally, bicyclists are required to use a front white light with side, rear, and pedal reflectors (CVC 21201). Jennifer Klausner, the nonprofit’s Executive Director said, “Many bicyclists don’t know this and frequently ride at night without the required lights and reflectors. This can lead to citations from police, but more importantly, riding at night without lights and reflectors is not safe.”

In addition to front and rear lights, LACBC will be distributing Operation Firefly spoke cards in English and Spanish. The spoke cards will provide a summary of the California Vehicle Code requirements while riding at night along with additional tips for enhanced visibility when it’s dark. The spoke cards will be distributed with the lights, to LACBC members, at events, through local bike shops, and through partner organizations.

Anyone can support “Operation Firefly” by making a tax-deductible donation or by purchasing a set of
lights from LACBC for $20. “For every set we sell,” added Colin Bogart, “we can give away another set!
If we receive enough donations or sell enough light sets, we can keep ‘Operation Firefly’ going all winter, and possibly all year.”

For more information or to make a donation/purchase lights, contact LACBC at (213) 629-2142 or visit our website at www.la-bike.org.

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