Walkers Wanted – Vote Yes On Y Oct. 13

On Saturday, October 13, concerned Culver City residents will be blanketing Culver City, handing out flyers detailing the benefits of Measure Y. Mayor Andy Weissman, current and former Culver City council members, current and former CCUSD Board of Education members, teachers, students, senior citizens, members of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce, off duty public safety and civilian employees, and perhaps even your own neighbors will be “pounding the pavement” in effort to get the word out, “Yes on Measure Y” and help keep the city of Culver City great.

On November 6, while you are helping to choose our Country’s President, you also have the opportunity to vote to help Culver City.

Measure Y is a half-cent city sales tax to maintain essential Culver City services such as 911 emergency responses, paramedics, police and fire protection, as well as funding for sidewalk and street repairs, parks, senior and after-school programs. The tax will expire in 10 years and all of the revenue will stay in Culver City. While adding, for example, only 5 cents to a $10 purchase, Measure Y would raise an estimated $8 million annually for local services – with the majority of revenue coming from non-residents shopping and dining in Culver City.

Since 2008, Culver City has lost $4.5 million in state funding, $6 million in local revenue due to the economy and housing markets, and $40 million annually through Sacramento’s elimination of our Redevelopment Agency. This has left the city unable to fund essential public services at the levels necessary to meet current and future needs, without depleting the city’s emergency reserves. A yes vote on Measure Y would fill that void.

If Measure Y does not pass, the city will need to make more severe cuts to essential city services, which could include:

A reduction in police patrol levels
An increase in response times to emergency calls due to 911 staff reductions and fewer units in service
The reduction or elimination of programs for seniors
Consideration of contracting out fire department services to LA County
A reduction in street, sidewalk and tree maintenance
The elimination of most park and playground staffing, as well as park programming throughout the city
The elimination of after school programs and community events like concerts and Fiesta La Ballona

If you would like to volunteer to walk, please contact Scott Zeidman at [email protected], or come to the picnic area at Vet’s Park on Saturday, October 13 at 9:30 am.

Additional information on Measure Y can be found at www.yesony.com .

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