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Bravo and thank you to the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF). I am a teacher with the CCUSD and as we enter our third week of school, I can honestly say that my daily work-load has become much more efficient due to a generous donation from the CCEF. The Middle School received several new Elmo projectors and LCD projectors for the Math, Science and Language departments. I was one of the many recipients and I had no idea how much of a time saver this new technology would be.
My 6th grade Language Arts students are enjoying the benefits, too. With the new technology I can immediately show their individual work to an entire class as a teaching/learning tool. I no longer have to transform materials, articles or samples on overheads, saving both time and money.
Please join me in supporting CCEF’s “All For 1” Campaign. As a teacher and a parent, I have already made my monthly pledge; it takes a community to keep our schools great. It is as easy as going online to the website:

Thank you,
Cathi Green-Bratton – CCMS
6th grade Language Arts

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  1. It is so easy to set up an automatic check every month to go to CCEF through your bank account, and if you leave it going through the summer you will end up donating a couple of extra checks.

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