Dear Editor – Local Schools Need Local Support

As a parent with three children attending CCUSD schools, I feel so grateful that my children have the opportunity to receive an excellent education at our local public schools.

Yet, I know the things that make CCUSD strong do not come without a price. By supporting the Culver City Education Foundation’s All for One campaign I can join with other families in our community to preserve the excellent programs that set my children’s schools above those in other districts. How wonderful that the cost of donating to All for 1 is infinitely more affordable than the cost of private school tuition!

I know my children have been personally touched and enriched by the programs and technology that CCEF funds. My son was so excited when his 5th grade teacher began using the Bright Link interactive white board in his classroom. He and his classmates begged for more math problems to practice because he said it was so fun to play “math games”! And I was amazed when after learning about “singin’ the Blues” from the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra program, my 2nd grade daughter wrote and proudly performed her own song about the time she broke her ankle.

So as Sacramento struggles with the myriad of budget challenges that face the state I am choosing not to point fingers or wring my hands, but to take power into my own hands and deliver the resources directly to our schools by supporting CCEF’s All for 1 campaign.

I want to urge as strongly as possible for ALL Culver City families to join in this vital fund raising campaign to help the kids in our community continue to grow and thrive in our wonderful schools. Just go to CCEF’s website:

Wendy Hamill
CCUSD Parent

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