Dear Editor – CCEF Helps Plant Gardens

Dear  Editor,

As a newly elected trustee to the Culver City Education Foundation (CCEF) the number one question I get asked is not “How much money did CCEF give to our schools last year?” (Answer: $339,443). It’s not “Does my child’s school have a garden?” (Answer: Yes! All of the elementary schools do – thanks to support from CCEF) Or even “How do I donate to the Ed Foundation (Answer: Go to The number one question I get asked is “What does CCEF do?”

So let me share some of the great things the Culver City Education Foundation does and ask your readers, (parents and teachers community members and business owners) to help us do even more.

As state education funding has dwindled to the point of providing only bare bones support for academic programs, non-profits such as the Culver City Education Foundation have had to work harder to fill the financial gap so that our district can maintain a diverse educational program that includes arts, music, sports, technology and more to ALL students, K-12. CCEF awards grants to teachers so that they can purchase microscopes, smart boards and projectors or take their students on a field trip or try other new ideas for creating a more engaging learning environment. Large grant awards that CCEF brings into the District from outside sources help to fund school gardens, sports programs, music and theater programs…the list goes on. CCEF’s All For 1 campaign last year made it possible for our schools to buy new musical instruments, upgrade technology and have programs like AVID, Odyssey & SuccessMaker software, the high school Link Crew, and more.

Strong schools are an essential part of a strong community and vibrant local economy. Whether you have children in the district or not, whether you are employed by the district or not – the health and strength of our schools affect you, your property values and your quality of life. You can demonstrate your support for our community and schools by pledging to the All for 1 campaign at Thank you.

Maggie Memmott Walsh

PTA Member

CCEF Trustee

The Actors' Gang

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