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 September slid into Los Angeles with a roaring end of summer heat wave, and in the midst of it I visited my daughter to celebrate her birthday in New York City where she resides.  It was a glorious visit, filled with delightful meals with old friends, museum/memorial visits, birthday shopping – and people gazing, for it was the beginning of fashion week in New York City.

I stayed in Battery City Park with my dear friend-my daughter was named after, and I visited the Rubens Museum – a place dedicated to the art of the Himalayas, in particular Tibetan Buddhism, and sculptor Isamu Noguchi’s Museum in Long Island City.  We also took the time to visit Ground Zero, and viewed the stunning water fountain commemorating those who died on 9/11.  It was sobering — a touching reminder & tribute.  Visiting my daughter, our friends, the museums, and New York City was food for my soul, and as I sat in the plane returning to Los Angeles I felt ten thousand blessings for the experience, while tapping a soulful beat — remembering music from Miss Lilly’s Jamaican Restaurant.


A week after my return I went to a fall service at a Jodoshinshu Buddhist temple I belong to.  I was a bit tired, it was still warm weather, and usually Sunday morning belongs to me and my husband at the farmers market, but on this day I promised my friends I would join them in service, and so I attended.


Even though I meditate every morning, and work the garden in meditation, I sat in the temple & enjoyed mind calming, and then chanting.    Afterwards, the temple sensei (teacher) reminded us that chanting helps us to “pay attention.”  That is, we become so engrossed in the words we become one with the moment.  And I am reminded once again how wonderful it is to sit in gratitude


The hot weather is subsiding, and now it is merely warm, but I can feel the winds of fall approaching.  My husband smiles at me even though I was gone Sunday morning – he was watching NFL football, the rite of autumn, while sitting with my 90 year old mother.    Life is constantly in transition, and I’m enjoying it.


In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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