Dear Editor- School Board Supports “All for 1”

CCUSD has been awarded and recognized in many ways over the years, even while facing year after year of crippling cuts to public education. Our schools have been able to maintain excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, etc. for a multitude of reasons. But the critical reason our students have soared is because they belong to a community that cares…a community that refuses to allow its children and youth to miss the opportunities that a good education provides. The Culver City Education Foundation is a wonderful example of how our community— parents, teachers, businesses and the community at large— works together to provide programs, equipment and opportunities for our kids.
Please join with me in supporting the Culver City Education Foundation’s “All for 1” 2012 campaign. Our children flourish and bloom because of the enrichment CCEF makes possible. Programs like AVID, SuccessMaker or k-3 music that would otherwise be cut. Microscopes, books, computers and Growing Great gardens that engage our kids in school. A rising tide lifts all boats. Contribute to CCEF and the “All for 1” campaign, and be part of that tide. To donate go to
Laura Chardiet
Proud Mom & Culver City School Board, member

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