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Since I began publishing Culver City Crossroads in December of 2009, I have put in a great amount of effort creating something I think Culver City needs – a fresh, fair and well written news source. I’ve had a tremendous response from the community, and I’m delighted to be able to host a site for news, events and opinions that also supports dialogue.

When I asked a wide circle of readers what it was that they wanted most that Crossroads did not have, the answer surprised me –  delivery. So, we now have an rss feed to put Culver City Crossroads in your inbox every day. Please click in and sign on, (upper left corner) and every afternoon you will get an illustrated feed on the day’s stories.

What Crossroads wants most from you is your support. Noted journalist Tim Rutten spoke about journalism falling “below critical mass – we no longer have the reporters to do the news, [because we don’t pay them] and there are lots of important stories that just never see the light of day.” I’ve gotten many emails asking for more coverage on specific issues. I wish I could do more; but as you know, there are only so many hours in the day. If Crossroads is going to expand, it needs your support to do so.

This isn’t about doing without advertising. Every ad you see on this page is a business I am personally proud of and can recommend without hesitation.  Ads are important – our business community is as much a part of our lives as our schools and our neighbors. Who we do business with and why is as vital as who we vote for – these are the choices that create our community.

There is a magazine I subscribe to called The Sun, and I have loved it for years. It is wonderful writing, poetry and photography that exists without any advertising. It’s supported by subscription only. The tens of thousands of people all over the country who read The Sun think it worth the price. While I’m determined that Crossroads offer ads (and the business directory)  reader support is equally vital; you are the reason this site is here.

So, here is the offer – We now have an rss feed, and you can sign up to get Crossroads delivered to your inbox. If you donate one dollar a month, you will be a part of our growth in every area; more news, features, reviews, and columnists, and some exciting experiments in community building. If you choose to subscribe to the feed and not donate, we’ll still do what we do now, and there will be more and bigger ads. I think a dollar a month is a very easy commitment to make, and I hope that all the readers will choose to  support a bigger and more interesting Crossroads.

We are moving in the right direction. Together, it will be a much more interesting journey.

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  1. You can choose to donate one dollar every month (you could kick in a whopping $12 for the whole year -) Once your subscription is active, it will stay active-

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