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The Culver City Garden Club will hold its monthly meeting this Tuesday, September 4 at 7:30 p.m. at Star Education, 10117 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City (between Raintree & Duquesne). In addition to the program – a “Garden Issues” presentation with a panel of members led by Deni Friese, that will take questions, tackle problem plant issues, weird growth patterns, pesky bugs, etc. – there will also be the usual plant “Show, Tell & Ask” and raffle tables and – refreshments! Visitors are always welcome, and this should be an unusually informal and informative meeting.

Inspired by one of the most popular sports fads in the last 10 years, the Culver-Palms Family YMCA is bringing new spirit to the everyday grind of exercising and working out. “Fantasy Fitness” brings together 10-member teams for 10-weeks of competition, encouraging team members to step up their fitness program on a week by week basis to achieve team victory. Teams (yours truly heads up the Seahawks) will compete head to head against an opposing team each week. Team members pursue their individual fitness programs, logging in to Fitlinxx each day to record their activity and points. At the end of the week team points are calculated by combining the points of the individual team members. The weekly team scores are posted on the Giant Fantasy Fitness Scoreboard in the Fitness Center. Prizes will be awarded every week for MVP, Most Improved, Most Varied Workout, and other special categories. GO SEAHAWKS!!

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce has changed its logo to reflect the Chamber’s history and evolving direction. The new logo emphasizes their roots in the film industry, interwoven with the business and culture of Culver City. The tagline – “playing a leading role in our community” – combines the past as well as the future of the Culver City Chamber. The Chamber’s marketing committee, headed by Bill Reider of the DoubleTree by Hilton, chaired the six month design process. Visit the Chamber at 6000 Sepulveda Blvd Suite 1260 in the Westfield – Fox Hills – Mall, or call (310) 287-3850.

The Culver City Rotary Club has scheduled its annual Fishing Trip next weekend, September 6-9. We understand participants have been known to actually find the time to schedule some fishing in between playing cards, eating, drinking, talking, playing cards, eating, drinking, etc., etc.

Coming up next Sunday, September 9 is Grace Lutheran Church’s Annual Rally Day Picnic, set for 1:00 p.m. at Paul Carlson Park (on Braddock Drive between LeBourget and Motor Avenues in Culver City). Billed as “an old-fashioned ice cream social with games and activities for all ages), it promises to be a lot of fun for congregants and their families and friends.

The Fall 2012 schedule of the Culver City Recreation classes is now available through a new online website: activenet.active.com/culvercity. There are more classes than you can imagine, beginning with preschool and touching on every community member’s interests, be they young or “old.” Check out the latest set of fall classes to learn more about all the exciting recreation programs and activities being offered, along with a user-friendly way of registering. Call (310) 253-6650 for more information.

The excitement is building, and the announcement of the new minister of Westside Unity Church is imminent. This past Sunday’s guest speaker was Rev. Jay Willick, who spoke on “Enter the No Toil Zone,” with music by Adam Chester. The Sunday Truth Talk Discussion was facilitated by James Shields. This Wednesday, September 5 at 6:30 is a midweek prayer and meditation service. Was the new minister’s name revealed Sunday? Will it be on Wednesday? You’ll read it here as soon as we find out. Westside Unity is located at 10724 Barman Avenue, near Overland Ave.

A new month, and September birthday greetings go out to Dale Jones, Jack Nakanishi, Elijah Asheghian, Isaac Danner, Patti LaBarbera, Michelle Moreno, Jin Jin Mayberry, Pastor Jim (“PJ”) Maines, Cherie Ribahn, John Anaya, Donald Chan, Naja Johnson, Samira Salim, Hanna Dershowitz, Stephen Douglas, Thomas Graham, Ray Smith, Sheri Nakanouchi, Oranuch Sumanun, Phillip Bonacich, Heidi Gamble, Liza Mohammed, Teresa Thompson, Thomas Tidwell, Melinda Blechner, Wipa Chandruang, Kirsten DeCordova, Kaori Gutierrez, Elbert Irving, Aloka Sands, Matthew Falker, Birikti Gebremeskel, Donavan Martinelli, David Morgenthaler, Linda Locksy, Maya Armstrong, Cristian Chancellor, Donna Delegeane, Jennifer Madariaga, William New, Jennifer Riebli, Liliana Ballario, Rosemary Blegen, Ryan Goodwin, Cynthia Headrick, Joseph Miller, Clyde Sacks, Kim Spurkel, Brian Suzuki-Birbiglia, Thomas Trinkkeller, Marilyn Wilson, and Eden Yemane. Don’t forget – if you’d like to have a birthday mentioned in LOCALmotion! Email [email protected] with all the information.

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