Call Price and Support Solar Power via AB1990

Are you a solar power supporter ? Today is the perfect day to let State Senator Curren Price know that you are.
Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison are turning up the pressure on our state leaders in Sacramento to reject AB 1990, the “Solar for All” bill by Assemblymember Paul Fong. The bill would direct California utilities to purchase renewable energy from clean energy projects built in low-income urban and rural communities.

These communities are oftentimes the most vulnerable to the negative impacts from energy generated from dirty fossil fuels and they are not yet seeing the full benefits of transitioning to a clean energy economy. The campaign for economic justice can be the campaign for clean energy as well.

Stop the attack on California’s low-income and diverse communities and let the sun shine through- email  to Sen. Curren Price at or call (916) 651-4026 and let him know that Culver City supports clean energy.

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