Bike Corral Gets Official Opening on Washington Blvd.

Jim Shanman, Charles Herberson, Sammy Shanman, Andy Weissman and Jeff Cooper smile at the new bike corral
Jim Shanman, Charles Herbertson, Sammy Shanman, Andy Weissman and Jeff Cooper smile at the new bike corral

“Anytime you say you are taking a parking space away from a business, things can get a little tense,” noted Culver City Vice Mayor Jeff Cooper “but we took one parking space for a car, and turned it into ten spaces for bikes, and it works for everyone.”

The new bike corral on Washington Blvd. opened on Monday August 27 at 10 a.m, located behind Sony and just in front of the Conservancy for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa. There were already bikes there this morning, before the official moment, and it does seem to work for everyone. Mayor Andy Weissman was on hand along with most of the city council members for the auspicious moment.

Jim Shanman of Walk ‘n Rollers was there with his daughter Sammy to celebrate with a hot chocolate. “I love seeing the ways that we are making Culver City so much more bike friendly,” Shanman said.

Charles Herbertson, director of public works for the city, thanked everyone for working together. “Vice Mayor Cooper brought this to our attention, and staff made it happen, and now we’re complete.” Noting that it’s a pleasure for everyone when needs can be addressed quickly, Herbertson also offered that the bike-friendly business was a great partner.

Culver City’s most prominent biker, Meghan Sahli-Wells was there with her blue commuter bike, pleased to have a spot to park.

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