Feng Shui – Janet Mitsui Brown

Meeting Feng Shui Master Wang in Hangzhou —

So there we were – 7 of us sitting in Master Wang’s feng shui office in Hangzhou – sipping tea served in an elaborate tea ceremony – tasty and refreshing, served in tiny cups, requiring constant refilling.

Master Wang inquired – through a translator — about my feng shui experience, and we discussed form school, classical compass school, and black hat sect tantric school feng shui. He asked questions and listened to my responses, alternately smiling and laughing.

He talked about Bazi – said he actively practiced it, here in Hangzhou, in Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Bazi is the Four Pillars of Destiny according to the I-Ching., the important book of oracles, and is used frequently by the Chinese – it is fortune telling.

The Chinese believe in Destiny, and have for thousands of years. The belief is our paths are influenced by mathematical calculations from the sun and moon, and… there are other principles that govern life…hard work, karma, good feng shui, and your life quotient improves dramatically – but only after you’ve examined your Destiny.

I have studied Bazi — Four Pillars — and it is based on the time, day, month, year, and place a person is born, and the person’s gender. It is a very powerful tool.

Master Wang also asked how much I was charging for my work…We talked briefly, and he asked me not to underprice myself…because feng shui information is serendipitous – privileged information with high value.

We talked about tangible “cures” to balance feng shui missing elements – and I asked whether he had something for me to use for my work in Los Angeles.

He mentioned a few items, and they were expensive – and he told me they are available if I want it, now or later.

At the end of the day I was tea-logged, but then Master Wang gifted me with two amulets, and as I examined them, I was told these stoneswere sacred, magical and protective. “He likes you,” the translator explained, “he doesn’t give these away often – and he won’t accept a red envelope from you if he doesn’t believe you are worthy.”

He bowed at the red envelope I left for him, and bowing in response, I realized — I just received another gold medal.

In gratitude, this month of August – the yang of the t’ai chi cycle, from Los Angeles California, enjoying the extended daylight, and warmth of days and evenings,


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