Dear Editor – Thanks to the Council

Dear Editor,
[Monday Aug.13 ]was the city council meeting. A report was presented by public works department concerning the vehicular traffic on Sawtelle Blvd. After the presentation Sunkist Park residents spoke about the subject matter. Sunkist Park residents were there in full force. All but three residents spoke of the need for traffic control on Sawtelle. Dave Stewart made an analogy of the video game “Frogger” to trying to cross Sawtelle Blvd. Everyone could relate to the analogy especially the city council. Studies and surveys have been conducted concerning a stop sign in addition to other subject matters in the past and it was deemed that the Sunkist Park Residents voted against the projects which also included the stop sign. Judith Martin-Straw brought up a very valid point of the validity of the timing of when the surveys were mailed during the height of the vacations. It was also noted that if a household did not respond then that was counted as a “NO” vote. The audience applauded after several of the Sunkist Park resident speakers.
After listening to all of our input and a discussion among the city council and department representatives and given the resent death, the city council decided to GO AHEAD WITH TRAFFIC MITIGATION ON SAWTELLE BLVD, in spite of the surveys. YEAH!!!!
There was even a discussion about financing this project and it appears that it is very possible that there is money available now.

This means that there is going to be an increase of signs to alert the drivers to slow down and a stop sign placed at Blanco Way/Hayter Ave. and Sawtelle Blvd. with a cross walk. Later this stop sign will be changed to a stop light. They are also looking into some sort of means of reducing speeds going over the bridge and at the Culver City base side of the bridge. We are hoping for cooperation from Los Angeles to place a stop sign at the base of their side of the bridge.
The city council will revisit the traffic on Sawtelle in one year to see if there has been any improvement in the traffic speed on Sawtelle Blvd.

If you have a moment, please email a thank you to the city council. We are finally getting results after literally decades of asking.

Thank You,

Mary Banks

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Fantastic! I am so happy to hear that there will finally be a stop sign and crosswalk along Sawtelle. The location chosen is, in my opinion, a perfect place to provide safe access to the neighborhoods on both sides of Sawtelle. It will be great if Los Angeles follows with adding a stop on the part of Sawtelle that goes through their city so there can be another location to safely cross this busy street. Thank you Sunkist Park residents for attending the City Council Meeting and THANK YOU City Council for stepping up to make Culver City safer for its residents.

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