Adios to Lin Howe Principal Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson and devoted fans at farwell party August 5
Amy Anderson and devoted fans at farewell party August 5

It was obviously a day to wear sunglasses; the weather was bright and warm, and Principal Amy Anderson’s big smile was easy to see as she chatted with parents and hugged the kids at Linwood E. Howe’s party for her departure. The other good reason for wearing glasses was to hide the tears she was discreetly wiping away while thanking everyone for their hard work and support.
“I was hoping to have everything settled before the end of school, so I could say good bye to everyone, now here it is in the middle of summer, and I just get to say ‘bye to the ones who are here.”
Anderson had, in her time at Lin Howe, made a big impact on the school. Last year’s famous skydiving to celebrate the increase in test scores at Lin Howe was to be topped by her offer to bungee jump for an increase in test scores this year. Even if she was moving on, her offer was still good. “We won’t get the API scores until the end of August, but if we are up, I am jumping, I promised I would.”
Anderson will be taking on an Assistant Principal position in the Newhall School District, overseeing ten elementary schools from a central office.

As a resident of Canyon Country, Anderson will be saving herself three hours of commuting time every day by working closer to home. She will be missed by lots of kids and parents, who are knowing that her new school district is getting a woman who leads by inspiration.

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