Dear Editor – Fracking Concerns are Ongoing

Dear Editor,

I was delighted to find your excellent coverage on fracking in Culver City at CC Crossroads. Since 90% of the Inglewood oil field is on
unincorporated land, unfortunately the CC Council’s ban doesn’t carry much weight. Last month our state legislature defeated a bill that
would have required the oil cos. to notify residents before beginning fracking in their neighborhoods. So much for representing their

Looking up at the Inglewood oil field hill, from the CC side, one can see that they have installed at least one new fracking tower in recent weeks. Was the July 25th 3.7 earthquake, where Culver City
was the epicenter, the result of new fracking? We will never be able to prove anything due to our location on the Inglewood-Newport fault, which makes PXP all the more secure that they will not be held responsible for damages they cause to the tens of thousands of residents here.

Since only the state has jurisdiction over the unincorporated part of the oil field, it would help to encourage your readers to press the Culver City Council to put pressure on the state to ban fracking in our urban area, and also to write their representatives and Gov. Brown–our longtime environmentalist governor has not come out against it. Here are some links your readers can use to email their representatives:

Culver City Council members:

Governor Brown:

State legislators Holly Mitchell and Curran Price:

Culver City also needs to begin a daily comprehensive water testing program–we drink the stuff! This is where the most dire consequences will appear first. It would be important to ask your readers to email everyone on the city council to enact such a program.

You are so well informed on this issue, you may already know about these links, but it would be great to direct your readers to them.

Important video on fracking of Marcellus shale in PA etc.:

Article on fracker-funded university research from Bloomberg:

The issues residents care so deeply about on Culver City Crossroads pale next to this very real threat to our home environment. Yet I have found very little awareness among my neighbors–people think it can’t happen here. The LA Times article about the city council’s ban made people think the danger is over. Continual coverage of this topic the most critical thing which can be done for our city’s welfare.

Thanks very much for your fine work, Judith, and sorry this has gone over my one-page limit.

Dr. Jane Brockman

Editor’s Note – There are no page or space limits on letters or comments (the joy of cyberspace is that we have lots of room-)


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