Dear Editor – State Bill to Ban Plastic Bags – Click Here!

Dear Editor –

It looks as if there is a viable single-use plastic bag ban bill working its way through California’s legislative process!

AB 298 (Brownley) will ban most single-use plastic bags statewide for retails of a specified size, require plastic bag collection bins at many of these stores prior to the ban, and set standards for the definition of “reusable.” You can read a more appropriate summary and sign up to track the single-use plastic bag ban bill here: .

Last time the state tried to ban plastic bags, our Culver City senator, Curren Price, voted against it. Coincidentally or not, he also accepted a contribution from Hilex, a plastic bag manufacturer:

Though banning fracking is rightfully at the top of everyone’s list right now, it will only take a moment to contact our representatives to express our support for AB 298 to ban most single-use plastic bags in California.

Please ask Assemblyperson Holly Mitchell to support AB 298: .

And please require Senator Curren Price to reconsider his allegiances and support this bill when its version makes its way to the California senate: .

Finally, please spread the word by forwarding this email to your network of interested Californians.

Thank you,

Karen Kurokawa

The Actors' Gang

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  1. A ban on single-use plastic bags is LONG overdue! They are terribly wasteful and severely harmful to our environment.

    – I welcome the day that birds and fish are not suffocating on plastic bags.

    – I welcome the day that a purchase – regardless of type or size – is not automatically placed in a plastic bag and handed to me (yes, I hand it back).

    – I welcome the day we stop making stuff we don’t need to hold stuff we don’t need.

    Our society will survive without these plastic bags, just as we did before they came along.

    We must get serious about taking care of our communities and our planet.

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