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Based on Chinese astrology my friend client Lynne placed a red horse in her south (east) corner of her bedroom. Here is Lynne’s testimony for today’s column:

I am a client of Janet Mitsui Brown and I had her feng shui my condo. I told her I felt stuck and needed help with my surroundings and especially my terrible luck with lack of romance. She did not hesitate to give me the cures needed for me in this year of the Dragon. I did exactly what she suggested and found the Rooster accessories that help to balance the strong Dragon energy. I added water treatments, I rearranged some furniture and I actually created a huge opening in my life by getting rid of my old heavy bedroom furnishing which I had from my previous marriage. I put them on consignment and invested in an entirely new look and feel. The light and open atmosphere is so much nicer and cozier. I asked her how do I actually invite romance to my life? She told me of the cure that I needed, she said that I needed a red horse in my South East corner of my bedroom. I didn’t question it and ran out and found a small horse and proceeded to spray paint it red. The next time I saw Janet I proudly said I have my red horse. I didn’t know that size mattered, I just thought representational, was good. She shook her head and looked at me and said, “Lynne that’s pathetic”. I said, “really but it’s a red horse”. She said, “it’s flimsy and little you need something more solid and substantial, take it seriously and the Universe will provide”. I ran out that afternoon and was on a mission to find the ultimate horse. I found a mirrored charger plate that looks like a disco ball. I found a horse made of metal many times larger and much more substantial in weight. I saw what she meant and spray painted it red. It sits on my dresser.

My energy with men miraculously changed. I started to hear from men from my past and knew it was not a good idea to revisit any of them but realized the Universe was bringing them back, so that I could have closure with them. She told me to write down and be specific about what type of partner I would want for my future. I was ready to be serious and take myself seriously. I didn’t have another minute to waste. It was interesting to see what the Universe was presenting to me. Glimpses, bits and pieces of the puzzle but I had to stop and assess the new men and be conscious about whom, I would let into my life. I was open to meeting with them but not to date them if they didn’t enhance my life. With the abundant opportunity to meet different men it opened my eyes to show me how much I didn’t expect. I settled for so little in the past and was fine with just having company. I decided that company wasn’t going to cut it as I’m not getting any younger. I realized what I want is a partner who enhances my life and I can enhance his. In a matter of 3 weeks time of shifting and sorting through the idea of a man I went on a blind date and could not believe my great fortune. He’s everything I could hope for in a man. Spiritual, age appropriate, available, mature, funny, sexy, I asked for the trifecta, creative, artistic and logical. He is all that and more. It’s an exciting time as it’s this new discovery of another person. I have a renewed spirit of joy and excitement, something I hadn’t felt in years. Even if this doesn’t amount to more than what I’m experiencing now, I know this is part of the plan and I’m headed in the right direction. I can attest to the power of believing in the Universe and I am grateful for Janet and her FengShui cures which have led me to believe there are no accidents, I’m finally on the right path and it’s the right time.

*Janet’s note: The animal and direction are based on one’s birth-date – so your animal and direction might be quite different from Lynne’s. Email me if you would like to know your animal & direction!

… and, Blessings to Lynne!…Janet Mitsui Brown,

Janet Mitsui Brown

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