Dear Editor – Voting for Sustainability

Dear Editor,
While the national economy seems, finally, to be heading in the right direction, the past several years have taught all of us the importance making wise decisions in the face of economic uncertainty and decreased federal and state support for our community. This is one reason I’m so enthusiastic about the candidacy of Meghan Salhi-Wells in the upcoming City Council election. She is an advocate for a stronger, smarter, and better fiscal direction for our city.
She’s come up with a number of innovative proposals to save the City money: eliminating waste by consolidating overlapping services from City Hall and CCUSD, combining City and School District elections to save over $100,000 (and increase voter turnout), and, crucially, stimulating the local economy by supporting Culver City businesses.
It would be easy, in uncertain economic times, to make any number of ill-conceived concessions to short-term economic gain—build some large office buildings, authorize big electronic billboards, and so forth. But the long-term consequences of short-term fixes are often regrettable (ask anyone stuck during the morning commute if tearing up the Red Cars was in our long-term interest).
What distinguishes Meghan’s economic vision is that it is deeply committed to supporting both our local businesses and the quality of life in Culver City. She’s for stimulating local consumption, which is good for both residents and businesses. She’s suggested a thorough review of City purchase and contracts to see where they can be contracted locally, supporting the local economy. And she’s in favor of promoting Culver City’s arts and cultural attractions, which brings visitors, and their dollars, to our City. In short, Meghan is for a smart, vibrant, sustainable, local economy, the kind of economic vision that is good for businesses and residents, and the kind that is healthy today and over the long haul.
I’m encouraging everyone I know to vote on April 10th, and to support Meghan’s vision of a healthy, happy, prosperous, and sustainable Culver City.
Brian Treanor

The Actors' Gang

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