Perspective on Precinct Walking – Jim Clarke

I started walking precincts almost immediately after turning in my papers to the City Clerk to run for a seat on the Culver City City Council. I realized that the best way to find out the issues and concerns of the citizens was by knocking on their doors and asking them. What I discovered is that we love Culver City, but there are concerns.
One issue involves parking in the downtown area. The residents pointed out that it is mostly the employees who work in the businesses located there who park on the side streets. In my view this is a problem that can be resolved working with the other Council members when I am elected to the Council.
Another concern that came up often is funding for our schools. Since redevelopment is now a thing of the past, any money given to the School District from that program is gone. I explained that I will work with the School Board to find other funding sources to enhance the District’s budget. Our school system is one of the main reasons people move here and it is what helps keep our real estate values high. Currently, I serve as Director, Mayor’s Office of Grants for the City of Los Angeles. I help secure federal, state, non-profit and foundation grants which gives me the knowledge and experience to help with the funding shortfall in the City.
Tree maintenance was brought up as being neglected. Maturing ficus trees and the damage caused by their root structure to our sidewalks and streets is a real problem. Due to a shortage of City funds, repair has been delayed with a prioritized waiting list. It is important that we maintain our streets and sidewalks keep our trees trimmed. This is a safety and quality issue. We have to work with available resources and research additional funding to accelerate completion of the necessary repairs.
One resident I spoke with made quite an impact on me. He shared that he loved Culver City but particularly the paramedics. He said they saved his life a few months ago, and his wife’s last year. This demonstrates how important our safety services are and how much they add to our quality of life. We must maintain the high level of safety personnel we have.
I have lived in here since 1977 and have worked in various governmental offices at the local, state and federal level. I have also served as executive director of two non-profit organizations, and am a retired Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard. My background provides me with unique skills that will be valuable serving on the City Council. Remember I am listening to your concerns and responding to your needs. Please consider me as one of your four votes for City Council on April 10th. I can be contacted at [email protected] and through my website

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