Dear Editor – Malsin Has Earned It

Dear Editor,

We encourage all Culver City residents to support Scott Malsin in his bid for City Council in our April 10th election.

Malsin takes a studied, carefully-considered approach to good government— both the large-scale City issues affecting all of us and the concerns of individuals. He has the knowledge as well as practical experience to guide our City through the difficult challenges upon us.

Some have questioned his decision to resign his city council position last fall so that he could preserve medical benefits for his family, benefits that had been provided to our Councilmembers for decades. Need we be reminded that the City changed the rules mid-term on its council members? The City reneged on commitments made not only to Malsin, but also to others who had faithfully served us, forcing them into this Hobson’s choice.

Malsin has proven to be a dedicated public servant capable of navigating tough waters with an eye toward fiscal responsibility. He diligently studies issues, shows a deep understanding and vision of what is needed and is clearly determined to keep Culver City great. He responds to calls from every stakeholder and takes action. Scott Malsin has earned our respect and deserves our vote for City Council.

David Frost
Linda Smith Frost

The Actors' Gang

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