Dear Editor – Malsin Dedication

There are several qualified candidates running for the four open positions on the City Council for Culver City this April 10th, but one candidate stands out as being the most qualified. That candidate is Scott Malsin. As Culver City business owners for over 24 years and Culver City residents for over 17 years, we wholeheartedly support Scott Malsin for City Council. Scott was always one of the most accessible and helpful members of our community when he served as a council member. This is especially important when you consider the fiscal challenges facing our City. Scott has put together a great plan to help us through this difficult time and restore Culver City’s finances so our city can operate effectively.

Over the years we have seen first-hand how Scott has worked to improve the West Washington Blvd. area for business owners and residents alike (an area largely forgotten by most of our City’s leaders) by supporting the construction of beautiful median strips, new landscaping and walkways. When we elect Scott to the City Council, there will be no “learning curve”— he already has years of experience as a former (and very effective) Councilmember.

As a candidate with a young child in our Culver City schools, Scott Malsin will continue his work in support of our Culver City schools, seeing to it that our City Council works in partnership with our award winning Culver City Schools to ensure a quality education for everyone. Can all the other candidates say that? We see no reason to look any further for the leadership our city needs at this difficult time. Elect Uber-Dedicated Scott Maslin to CC Council!

Keith & Debbie Jones

The Actors' Gang

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