Dear Editor – Happy to Vote

Why am I so excited about this year’s Culver City election? I get the chance to vote for Meghan Sahli-Wells. Culver City is ready for the breath of fresh air that Meghan will bring to city government. The
voices she speaks for are often under-represented. We all want the kind of growth that gives us a strong tax base but we also want responsible growth. I feel confident that we have a unique advocate for that in Meghan. Her vision for a livable city is one that will
not ignore small voices like mine and yet she is smart enough to hold onto big picture challenges. I know she will spend our scarce resources in creative ways that bring more value per dollar. I trust her to embrace long term growth while being a wise fiscal conservative. During this economic downturn it doesn’t get any better than that.
Happy to vote,
Bernadette Dollard

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