Mayme A. Clayton Movies – Past and Present

Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum has films to reach into history and shape the future this month. The “Black Talkies” series running Sat, Mar 24 from 4 pm will feature  The Devil’s Daughter, the 1939 classic film. Set in Jamaica with a rhythmic soundtrack, this all-black cast film produced by SACK Amusement has romance, comedy, and a touch of horror. Nina Mae McKinney, who you might remember as the dancing vixen in the 1929 film Hallelujah, is the star of this wonderful film.

Also at the Mayme Clayton, BADWest Presents The St. Clair Bourne 4th Mondays Documentary Series
Mon, Mar 26, 7 p.m.Blacks Without Borders: Chasing the American Dream in South Africa. Blacks Without Borders by Stafford U. Bailey and Judith Thayer-Bailey is an emotional film about hardship, sacrifice and great rewards. The film plunges into the lives of a group of African Americans who moved to South Africa to find the American dream. Once there, they discover that America is not the only land of opportunity. The film will be followed by Q&A with the film’s director Stanford U. Bailey.

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