CCEF Announces the See’s Candies Volunteers of the Year

The sweets are not just for the sweethearts. While Valentine’s Day is traditionally a chocolate moment, our friends at See’s Candies once again stepped into sponsor the Culver City Education Foundation Volunteers of the Year. A big box of chocolates and a round of applause for all those who help to make our schools the best !

Office of Child Development- Josette Trux

El Marino Language School- Alisha Martin

El Rincon Elementary School- Steve Zee

Farragut Elementary School- James Sparling

La Ballona Elementary School- Nancy Richards Chand & Mohi Chand

Linwood E. Howe Elementary School- Ronni Kass

Culver City Middle School- Allison Brush

Culver City High School- Steven Stautzenbach

Culver Park High School- Margaret Fujisawa

Culver City Adult School- Ronald Reuben

Congratulations from Culver City!

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