District PTA Reflections – 3 CC Students Win with “Diversity Means…”

Three students from the Culver City Unified School District have been recognized at the 33rd District PTA level for their artistic achievements while participating in the 2011-2012 PTA Reflections Program. This year’s theme “Diversity Means…” challenged students to display their talents while exploring variety found in all aspects of their daily life. This year’s entries found diversity (and ultimately common unity) through color, geography, musical styles…in a variety of different artistic styles and medium.

• Alaina Haylock, a Kindergarten student at Farragut Drive Elementary, has received the Award of Merit (3rd Place) at the 33rd District PTA level for “The Ocean Beach” – Visual Arts (Primary K-2)

• Sara Murphy, a sophomore at Culver City High School, has received the Award of Excellence (1st Place) at the 33rd District PTA level for “The Ancient Tones” – Musical Composition (Senior 9-12)

• Alexandra Miks, a senior at Culver City High School, has received the Award of Excellence (1st Place) at the 33rd District PTA level for “Feather Bookmark” – Dance Choreography (Senior 9-12)

Having won first place at the 33rd District level, Sara Murphy and Alexandra Miks’ submissions will be forwarded to the California State PTA for further judging. We should know the results of that level of judging in March.

Culver City students combined to submit 160 entries to the program in six artistic categories: Literature, Visual Arts, Photography, Dance Choreography, Musical Composition and Film Production. Each category has four age levels for judging: Primary (K-2nd Grade); Intermediate (3rd-5th Grade); Middle/Jr. (6th-8th Grade); and Senior (9th-12th Grade). The students’ entires were judged at the individual school PTA unit levels. The first place winners were then forwarded to the Council PTA for judging. After being judged at the council level, the first place winners were forwarded to 33rd District PTA. The 33rd District PTA represents non LAUSD school districts as wide ranging as Downey, Torrance, El Segundo, Norwalk, Palos Verdes, Long Beach, Santa Monica-Malibu, and of course, Culver City.

The artistic submissions were judged against entries from schools throughout the Southland, and it is truly an impressive achievement that Culver City is being represent by three students in three different artistic disciplines among hundreds of entries.

A Reflections Reception Tea will be held on February 26th where our students will be honored and art and performance pieces throughout the 33rd District will be on display.

Congratulations go to Alaina, Sara, and Alexandra, our teachers, and our PTA Reflections coordinators who have made a stellar commitment to celebrating the arts in our schools.

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