Live Music is Not a Luxury

Dear Editor,

We are asking  for your support. Why?

Because it costs a lot to put out an orchestra for concerts of live music. Why do we do this when the work is so demanding?

Because we believe in music for the moment when performed live. We want to share the music.

From the days of our far distant ancestors sitting around a fire, singing and playing music, the communal aspect of music is integral to us as a people.

Our concerts are social events where we, the orchestra, get together to celebrate music with another group assembled, the audience. The audience, you, see old friends and acquaintances, make new friends and acquaintances, and share the musical experience.

We also feel that recordings are not the same as recorded music.

Indeed, in a recent Los Angeles Times article (Jan. 16, 2012), live music played for veterans as they wait to see their doctor seems to ease their pains and anxiety.

From the article, “But the benefits of the music at the Fresno hospital were more happenstance than intended therapy. First, hospital officials used funds donated for improving the hospital’s aesthetics to bring in a harp player. When people seemed to like that, they added a classical guitar player. They were just trying to cheer the place up a bit.

“The ‘amazing surprise,’ Khouzam said, has been that the random playing of live music in the waiting room – doctors and therapists have not seen the same result with recorded music – helped patients with psychological damage from war.”

For the full article,0,1657849.story
For the past few years our season opening concerts in Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Culver City were dedicated to veterans. We have developed a special affinity for veterans. We realize these men and women from wars of today to wars past answered the call of this nation, and we owe them our respect.

Join us. Support the orchestra.

Matthew Hetz
President and Executive Director
Culver City Symphony Orchestra
[email protected]

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