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In feng shui life is constantly in transition, so every moment is appreciated. I feel balanced – yoga, tai chi, qi gong and walking are part of my weekly routine, and I’m a big believer in meditation. My wish for the new year is to be a good, well-informed feng shui practitioner, so I can pass on my knowledge to others, bringing the hope of prosperity to all of you readers.

Today, my note for prosperity is to prepare for the Chinese lunar New Year on January 23rd, and to also prepare for the Chinese solar New Year on February 5th. This year we are entering the year of the water dragon!…Those born in dragon years are innovative and passionate – but heed this: the benefactor of the dragon is the rooster – so my first advice is to carry a small rooster charm with you for protection this year.

We are all looking for good fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity – and it is believed that eating certain foods to celebrate the New Year will ensure these prophecies. You should consider eating fish for “surplus,” dumplings (because it resembles gold), mandarin oranges for abundance, noodles & long green beans for longevity, and eggplant to heal.

Flowers have meaning also – the water narcissus and kumquat symbolize prosperity, bamboo is for longevity, and the sunflower means to have a good year.

You have time to prepare – get ready for 2012 feng shui prosperity with Janet Mitsui Brown…

You can contact Janet Mitsui Brown at www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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