Feista La Ballona Meeting – Jan. 17

It’s the place to get in on the Fiesta – the next meeting will be Jan. 17, and you can jump in. Volunteer teams, led by your neighbors, will market the annual city-wide event via print, broadcast and online media, line up sponsors, recruit vendors, monitor finances, design park layout, book entertainment, conduct fun activities, choose rides, and strive for waste-free sustainability with guidance from Culver City Public Works, Parks, Recreation and Social Services Dept. representatives.

How shall we best represent our Culver City community at Fiesta La Ballona this summer to achieve its purpose and goals?

The public is invited to meet with the committees, which will discuss their plans and present their preliminary budgets at the next general meeting, Tue., Jan. 17, 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Kaizuka Room at Veterans Auditorium.

Schools, community groups, businesses, agencies and individuals like you make Fiesta La Ballona, Aug. 24-26 at Vets Park, a fun family experience each year, since 1951, attracting 20,000 guests.

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