Dear Editor- Bad News for Schools Not As Bad as Expected

Dear Editor,

What the State’s Trigger means to CCUSD: Revenues for the state came in at $2.2 billion below the budget forecast. On December 13th, Governor Brown pulled the budget triggers that were included in the budget bill. Trigger #1 will be fully implemented and Trigger 2 will be partially implemented.

Trigger 1, effective January 1, 2012, makes significant cuts to Higher Education, In-home support services, developmental services, Youth Offender and other child care programs. Trigger 2 cuts include Home-to-School transportation for regular education and special education for a statewide average reduction of $41.00 per ADA. Also included is a K-12 School District reduction of $79.6 million or $13.00 per ADA which equals approximately a ½ day reduction in funding. Trigger 2 goes into effect February 1, 2012.

What does this mean to CCUSD? If the ADA for the district is 6550 as reported then the $13.00 reduction for a mid-year cut of $85,150 in ADA. The transportation reduction, if we use the state average figure of $41.00 per ADA equals $268,550 for a total of $353,700 mid-year cut, not the $1.7 million projected at the Board of Education meeting on December 13.

Penny Upton

Regional UniServ Director

California Teachers Association, NEA

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