Weissman Kicks Off Election Season

Andy Weissman at Indiecade 2011

“This campaign isn’t about me. It’s about moving our city forward and working together to address our challenges and take advantage of the opportunities we have before us.” Andy Weissman addressed nearly 100 supporters on Sunday Dec. 11 who came to show their support for Culver City Councilman, former Mayor and longtime Culver City resident seeking re-election to a seat on the Culver City Council in the April, 2012 election. Held at the Culver Crest home of Michael Whitaker and Darren Au, the event drew supporters from a wide variety of political backgrounds and from every neighborhood in the city.
“It was gratifying that so many people from throughout the city gave up their Sunday afternoon to let me know that they would like to see me continue working for Culver City,” Weissman said. “Over the past four years, I have worked hard to bring civility back to the Council dais and, despite the economic challenges we have faced, I am proud, too, of the job we have done to keep our city on firm financial footing.”
Weissman’s campaign combines deep roots in Culver City, decades of service to our community and a commitment to making our city even better. Weissman, who was first elected to the City Council in 2008, has also spent time on the city’s Planning, Civil Service, Human Services and Parks Commissions. He is a past-president of the Downtown Business Association and a member of the city’s Homelessness Ad Hoc Committee.
Weissman said he will hold his major fundraiser on February 25 at The Culver Studios, but was using Sunday’s event to celebrate the beginning of the campaign.
“I am grateful for the support from all of those who took time out of their busy schedules to stop by and express their support. I appreciate each and every person who has pledged to volunteer throughout the campaign,” he said. “ I believe the challenge for Culver City is how to grow gracefully. How do we accommodate economic development while at the same time maintaining those qualities that make Culver City special? My goal these past four years has been to protect Culver City residents and our quality of life through a process of analyzing, questioning, balancing and in the end, making choices in the best interests of Culver City.”



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