Felony Charges in Bike Collision

On June 16, 2011, at approximately 1:40 a.m., a traffic collision occurred in the 9200 block of Jefferson Blvd., in Culver City. A vehicle driven by Christine Dahab of Los Angeles struck and injured thirteen bicyclists.

Traffic Investigators from the Culver City Police Department have completed their investigation into the traffic collision. After the thorough and extremely complex investigation, the case was submitted to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for formal filing consideration.

On November 10, 2011, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against Ms. Dahab, charging her with violating California Vehicle Code Section 23153 (A) [Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol causing injury], and California Vehicle Code Section 23153 (B) [Driving while Intoxicated above a .08 blood alcohol content, causing injury]. The charges against Ms. Dahab are both felonies; she is scheduled to appear at the Los Angeles Airport Court on December 22, 2011 to be formally arraigned.

Any questions please contact Lt. Ron Iizuka at (310) 253-6258

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  1. Anytime a police falsifies police records, he is a criminal, no different to a drug dealer or any other criminal. Falsifying police records and committing purgery ( to help cover fellow cops crimes ) is a felony! Vote in a citizens review board. They have the power to investigate, fire or arrest! The police should never be policing themselves or each other. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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