Dear Editor – Energy and Leadership

Dear Editor,
Next Tues. Nov. 8, Culver City voters will cast one of the most important votes of recent years. We will be electing the two people who will help prepare the future for our students.
The two candidates that I feel strongly about are Laura Chardiet and Scott Zeidman.
Laura brings to the table a vast amount of experiences that make her very suited for our School Board. It has been said that she is one of the best candidates to run for our School Board in the past decade and I agree.
In addition to having been a classroom teacher, she now administers a $15 million dollar grant for adult literacy for LAUSD. She also has the abilities to seek out grants and help write grants for our District. In these difficult financial times this is a real asset. Having been the PTA Council President, she has interfaced with each school in our District. She has that get-up-and-go energy and the ability to think outside the box. Laura works well both as a team leader and as a member of a team.
She is the mother of two children in our School District. That is so important. One can feel the pulse of the schools much more. It has been my experience as a former Board Member that parents relate better because they feel that you are in the same boat.
Scott Zeidman over the past four years has worked relentlessly to improve our schools. I remember well when he ran four years ago. He was pretty green but Scott over his term on the Board has totally immersed himself. He knows the issues inside and outside. He has made a difference. We need to have Scott with his leadership skills, his knowledge of CCUSD and his incredible energy to continue to serve us. Scott also has children in our schools.
Whether you have now, have had or plan to have children in CCUSD or are a member of our community, you have a duty to put the best qualified people on our School Board. Our Schools are the backbone of our city and our Nation.
Please join me in supporting Laura Chardiet and Scott Zeidman for School Board—for proven, energetic leadership.
Your vote for them will make a difference.
Madeline Ehrlich,
Former CCUSD School Board Member

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  1. Madeline Ehrlich has made some excellent points. Having seen all the candidates speak at several of the forums, I am struck by Scott Zeidman’s vast knowledge of the issues, and of course, I am partial to Laura Chardiet for her volunteer work at all the district schools and her expertise around budget and education issues. My absentee ballot went in the mail yesterday and I checked the ballot for Laura and Scott. Please vote on November 8th.

  2. Need I say more! really Madeline and Joy said it all….
    Please get out and vote for Laura & Scott; I’ll be doing so on Tuesday morning, Nov. 8th!!

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