Dear Editor – Nancy’s Commitment Speaks Volumes

Dear Editor,

Nancy Goldberg has a lifetime of experience making tough decisions with thoughtful insight. Her decision to continue serving our students if elected to a seat on the School Board is no exception; her judgment has proven trustworthy through years of leadership in our schools.

She is deeply respectful of – and respected by – students, parents, and the community largely due to her unquestionable integrity. She is honest and open with a spirit of cooperation desperately needed right now.

The quality time she has spent in 41 years of teaching and mentoring students is unparalleled. After accomplishing everything possible as a teacher (including multiple “Teacher of the Year” accolades), she is ready to tackle issues that can only be solved at the School Board level. Case in point: after years of frustration about the lack of available drinking water at the high school – and in fact, bringing cases of water from her car to her classroom so that students would have ready access to it – Ms. Goldberg hopes to be in a position on the Board to affect change for this and so many other serious issues facing us in these troubling times.

When a candidate claims to know all the answers, I am skeptical. Ms.Goldberg makes no such claim. How refreshing! The current and past school board members who endorse Nancy Goldberg know what the job entails and are confident in her abilities to continue to listen, ask questions, and research issues to make a thoughtful, responsible decisions. This is her style; she has been doing it for forty years.

Nancy Goldberg is a parent, grandparent, teacher, and a valued member of the community. She has been a leader in the district for four decades and has been in the trenches with students, teachers, and administrators. Having just retired after an exemplary career, she has the time, energy, expertise, and motivation to give 100% to an arguably thankless job. Her commitment to our students is complete.

Having observed and participated in many School Board meetings the past few years, I feel there is a real need for balance and civility. Ms. Goldberg is a strong, intelligent woman whose ego is in check and whose humility is a fine example to us all.

Most importantly, Nancy Goldberg is trustworthy. She has earned my trust and my vote on November 8th.

Liz Kinnon
CCUSD parent and Community Member

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  1. I’ve aired several concerns that will determine how I vote with the three candidates I considered. I heard plenty of opinions and solutions. Nancy Goldberg began a dialogue. What do you feel is at the root of this problem? What’s been your experience? A few days later, some thoughts on resolutions. Did I always agree? Not necessarily. But Nancy openly gathers information, asks the right questions, and does her homework. No knee-jerk negativity on charter schools moving into our community – but simply questioning how our schools are seen as lacking, what is prompting parents to look elsewhere, and what changes we might want to make. No “us” vs. “them” on capital projects, but a commitment to spending that best meets the students’ many needs – and an eye toward the operating funds necessary to keep day-to-day costs paid. And I keep hearing concerns about a new board member being unable to get “up to speed” on our budget challenges. Given our highly touted “transparent” budget process, you can’t tell me an individual with 40-plus years teaching our kids and two Master’s degrees can’t analyze and address our budget issues. My vote goes to Nancy Goldberg.

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