Dear Editor – Nancy Gets Pat’s Vote

Dear Editor,

Candidate Nancy Goldberg has my full endorsement and support for position of CCUSD Board of Trustees.

On a personal level, Nancy was my daughter’s English teacher at Culver High School and according to my enthusiastic daughter “… Mrs. Goldberg was the one who encouraged me to write…” (which she now does). Nancy has shown that she is a civil, gracious, smart and extremely intelligent woman who knows our District. The numerous awards and recognitions that Nancy has received during her 40+ years of tenure within the CCUSD provide tangible evidence of her demonstrated commitment and dedication to our District and our students.

As a Board member, I know that Nancy will bring to our Board a commitment to ethical behavior and an extremely sharp mind. She has the experience and knowledge that will help our board deal, effectively, with the extremely challenging budgetary and academic issues which are forecast.

Professionally, I admire Nancy’s stamina, collegiality and respect for all persons, be it our parents, students, administration, faculty or classified employees. So, I ask you to join me, on Tuesday, November 8th, in voting to elect Ms. Nancy Goldberg to the CCUSD Board of Trustees. She is trustworthy, honest and diligent, all of which, are the characteristics of a Board member who is entrusted to “…act in the good of the public faith.”


Professor Patricia G. Siever

CCUSD Board member, Parliamentarian

The Actors' Gang

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