CCEF Scores Funding for CCUSD Jazz from Fineshriber Foundation

Because you know that it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing, the Fineshriber Family Foundation is granting $26,062 toward Symphonic Jazz Orchestra elementary music programs in CCUSD this school year, courtesy of the CCEF.  This generous donation will provide all the necessary funds for four instrumental workshops for third graders at each of the five elementary schools, focusing on the string, woodwind, percussion and brass family. The program combines the student’s musical knowledge with the actual experience of trying selected instruments.

The rest of the Fineshriber Family Foundation grant will fund over half of the second grade music program, which includes 28 weeks of music lesson plans at the elementary schools along with a culminating assembly of student-created music. Additional funds for the 2nd grade music program were obtained from the California Arts Council and the LA Arts Commission.

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