Dear Editor – Chardiet Gets Cooper Vote

Dear Editor,

When I endorse a candidate for office, I go through a process of speaking to those who also support that person, those who do not, then I sit down and meet with them one on one. After going through this process and meeting with Laura Chardiet, it became very apparent why I support her as one of my two picks for the Board of Education, alongside Scott Zeidman. She not only has the energy, drive and chutzpah; she has the experience as a teacher, administrator, PTA district president and mother of two kids in our school system,
The last qualification of mother of two children is especially important because her two children will be a part of our school system for the next several years which will further solidify her commitment to our schools .

I encourage you to vote for Laura Chardiet.

Jeff Cooper

The Actors' Gang

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