Dear Editor – Cheering for Chardiet

Dear Editor-

While Laura Chardiet was President of the PTA at La Ballona she moved it to new levels. I was at Farragut doing the same. She then went on to become the district PTA President. Our paths crossed in middle school and we both pledged to add new energy to CCMS. She actively got involved in PTA there as well. She revived and created a whole new “red ribbon week” emphasis that lives on today. My daughter stuck her hand in red paint today and took the pledge to be drug free, then stuck it on a large wall sized paper mural. When it was time to bring on the legions of parents to help with our musical theater production “Darn Yankees” she took on coordinating the backstage parent group doing costuming, makeup and hair. Not an easy task given we had 60 students in that show. I believe that what we need now on the board is someone we can trust and count on to do the right thing by our children. And, someone with boatloads of experience to navigate through the budget nightmare. She has served on the CBAC budget committee and can easily step right into the position with CCUSD budget knowledge. She can relate to teachers as she worked as a teacher at LAUSD. She can relate to administration since she manages a large grant for LAUSD now. She has a rare gift for rallying parents behind her as well as figuring out creative solutions to problems and has a great way of dealing with all kinds of people. She is the strongest candidate running for the Board of Education seat on November 8th. Please vote for Laura. She is someone we can trust. She is a hard worker and is intelligent, diligent and fair. She will make decisions that will take into consideration parents and students concerns, but also administrators, teachers, staff and community.

Bonnie Wacker

The Actors' Gang

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