GLEEk Out ! Vote Early and Often! (Vote Here…G’head)

Supporters of Culver City Middle School are urging those throughout Culver City to visit and cast their vote for Culver City Middle School’s “GLEE! Give a Note” video submission. The winning submission will win $50,000 for music education at their school.

Anyone can vote, but only one vote can be cast each day.

“Your neighbors and friends can vote,” said parent Diana Kunce. “Your Facebook contacts can vote. The more votes, the better chances of Culver City Middle School winning a $50,000 grant to benefit music programs at the school.”

The two-minute CCMS video submission shows how diverse and special this program is, including great moments of inspired teaching, strong voices, and some fun humorous surprises. The students come from different social groups, but together they find their voices – individually and collectively and a community to belong.

The Panther Partners After-School Theatre Arts program has created an amazing community where kids feel safe to express themselves. Most notable is that 40% of the students enrolled are on scholarships. Since the program relies 100% on parent volunteers, donations, and grants to make it happen each and every school year, every penny counts. The $50,000 GLEE! Grant would allow this program to continue. In addition, awarded funds would go to help support the Culver City Middle School music program offered as part of the curriculum during the school day.

“We have a small yet very mighty community that can make a remarkable difference in the lives of our students,” Kunce said. “If everyone in Culver City – The Heart of Screenland – voted just once, we could win money to not only benefit theatre arts and but also our essential music programs at Culver City Middle School.”

Voting ends November 7, 2011.

Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment has partnered with Ryan Murphy, the creator of “GLEE!,” and The National Association for Music Education to establish the “GLEE! Give a Note” campaign, in order to donate $1 million to school arts programs nationwide. The odds of CCMS winning are quite good because the school is competing against just 90 other schools in the Pacific region.

An extended, high-quality version of the CCMS video submission and a link to the Glee! website can be found at

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  1. Now that’s what I call having your finger on the pulse of the city! Thank you Judith!

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