Dear Editor – ‘Nother for Nancy

Dear Editor and Fellow Culver City Citizens,

My name is Jonathan Abboud. I attended Culver City High School from 2006-2010. During my tenure there I was the founder and President of the Student Union, an organization that fought for students’ rights and representation. Currently I attend UC Santa Barbara and serve as an On Campus Housing Senator representing 5000 students to the university. For the past year and a half I have been also charged with being a liaison between Faculty-Student shared governance committees and the Associated Students.

At CCHS I never took a class with Nancy Goldberg, but I interacted with her on multiple occasions. The Student Union advocated on the behalf of students for a wide array of issues and Ms Goldberg was consistently among the most accessible teachers willing to advise and support students. She empowered us as student leaders, a skill which every single elected school board member should have; sadly, this is not the case.

The climate of our state is one in which students are at the forefront of the protection of our public education system. Culver City needs a school board that is not only receptive and accessible to every student but also one that empowers students to be the arbiters of our schools.

If there was a single person in Culver City who can bring these qualities to the Board, it is without a doubt Nancy.


The Actors' Gang

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