Dear Editor- Scott Needs to Stay

Dear Editor:

I have worked four tough years with School Board President Scott Zeidman. He has my unqualified support for re-election. Everyone is aware of the overwhelming problems facing education, especially here in California. The fact that Scott has dealt with all these problems, financial and otherwise, and still had time to lead our district to great success should alone get him re-elected. But Scott has also led the charge for reducing the overcrowded schools he inherited, increased the required grade point average for students who attend our schools, saved teacher and counselor positions, saved desperately needed teacher aide positions, encouraged the swift departure of the former Superintendent, and increased revenues. In addition to all of the above, Scott was the champion of the effort to pass Measure EE which will provide an additional $6 million for our District to make up for some of the massive cuts made to the District’s budget by the state.

Quite frankly, being on the school board has worn me out. Scott, however, still wants this job. I say he’s earned it.

Very truly yours,

Steven Gourley

The Actors' Gang

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