Dear Editor- Nancy’s Students Vote Yes

Dear Editor-

Everyone at Culver High coveted a spot in Ms. Goldberg’s class; I was lucky enough to spend a year with this wonderful woman. Ms. Goldberg values education above all else – we students could really pick up on her passion for literature. And her lessons stick: as a writing tutor at UC Berkeley, I employ many of her same tips and tricks when helping my tutees construct their college papers.

But she teaches more than just the words on the page: she peppers her lessons with personal anecdotes and sage advice. As my friend Joey once put it, “Most teachers teach to the test – Goldie teaches life.”

Ms. Goldberg truly cares about her students. She willingly sponsored multiple clubs on campus, and she supports her students by attending AVPA concerts and plays. And the students reciprocate the sentiment: whenever my friends and I visit the school, she’s definitely on the list of teachers to see.

When I found out Ms. Goldberg was retiring, I felt saddened for the future generations of students who would miss out on the classroom experience with this wonderful woman. But when I found out she was running for School Board, that sadness went away. Very few have the same experience she has had with public education, and even fewer could sustain the passion with which she teaches. She’s funny, intelligent and straight talking, and would make an excellent member of the CCUSD School Board. My only worry is that School Board isn’t enough – Nancy Goldberg for President!

Katie Fleeman, CCHS Class of 2009

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