Dear Editor – Cooper Backs Zeidman

I am encouraging my friends, colleagues and fellow residents of Culver City to vote for Scott Zeidman. In the 4 years I have gotten to know Scott, I have seen a person who makes very sound choices that are based on his number one priority, the children. These decisions are not based on knee jerk reactions, but by researching subjects thoroughly and making sound decisions that will benefit our children and the fiscal stability of our schools. It may not always be the most popular decision, but as a fellow politician, we are elected to serve all residents and not a vocal minority. Scott has had a positive impact on our schools in his first four years and I look forward to more of the same during his next term.
I am proud to stand by Scott Zeidman and ask you to do the same by casting your vote for Scott, which will be a vote for the continuing betterment of our schools on November 8th.


Culver City Council

The Actors' Gang

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