Dear Editor – Nancy Has Fans, Too

Dear Editor,

I am writing to share my opinion on this years School Board candidate Nancy Goldberg. I am not one who typically voices my opinion on these types of matter, but I feel Nancy deserves an honest voice from outside of her campaign.

“Being part of a school board is not only a role of leadership, it is a role in which members must be able to listen to the voice of the community. Although times have changed in the 40+ years Nancy Goldberg has been in the field of education, the foundations have remained constant. Provide a safe and open environment for the benefit of the students.

I know for a fact that Nancy has, and always will, act in the best interest of the students. I know this as a former student of hers as well as through testimonials from family members and peers who just recently attended her class. I believe even in a political minefield, Nancy’s moral compass is true. She will not sacrifice ethics and morals. She exudes integrity, conviction and most importantly, honesty. From the inside out, I am confident Nancy can provide the much needed insight necessary to allow our schools to flourish and graduate students of the highest caliber.”

I hope is this message reaches those who may not know Nancy too well or are unsure of who to vote for. I feel the opinion of a person from the community may hold just as much weight as the candidate themselves. I am available via email for any future comments or information that can be of use to you.

Thank you for your time.


Jason Fujisawa

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