Wolkowitz, Ehrlich and Beagles-Roos Support Laura Chardiet

Madeline Ehrlich, Candidate Laura Chardiet, Marla Wolkowitz and Jessica Beagle-Roos
Madeline Ehrlich, Candidate Laura Chardiet, Marla Wolkowitz and Jessica Beagles-Roos

Former CCUSD Board of Education members Marla Wolkowitz, Madeline Ehrlich and Jessica Beagles-Roos have announced their support for school board candidate Laura Chardiet.
Marla Wolkowitz and Jessica Beagles-Roos have been impressed by Laura Chardiet’s commitment to all of our schools. Madeline Ehrlich notes that Chardiet’s work on the Council PTA has been particularly valuable because it has given her knowledge and insight into schools across the District.
Ehrlich believes that the depth and range of Laura Chardiet’s background as a classroom teacher, an administrator and an active, involved parent with two children in our Culver City schools, makes her the most qualified candidate. “She’s knowledgeable, energetic and she feels the heartbeat of what’s going on in the district,” Ehrlich says.
Marla Wolkowitz notes that when she was on the five member board, the members had very different personalities, but only one mantra: “How is this going to affect the kids?” She is confident that Laura will keep her focus on the students. But having served on the board, Wolkowitz knows that’s not enough.
An effective school board member needs to have the ability to create coalitions and foster a collaborative spirit, because the majority rules. “No matter how brilliant you are,” Marla Wolkowitz explains, “you need two more votes to accomplish anything.”
Madeline Ehrlich agrees, and she knows that whether creating the healthy food expo at La Ballona Elementary School, leading a delegation to Sacramento or heading up the Council PTA, Laura Chardiet has shown herself to be a team leader.
Jessica Beagles-Roos concurs, saying that Chardiet “has demonstrated the ability to lead by working collaboratively, and she will foster a positive, supportive culture in the district.”
“I find she’s a very good listener,” Ehrlich adds. “She’s very adept at critical thinking, and always willing to look at innovative and creative ways to make our schools better.”

Laura Chardiet’s commitment to strengthening CCUSD’s language immersion programs, along with the other programs which have made our schools so special, is of particular importance to Madeline Ehrlich, who has continued her active support of language immersion years after her own children graduated from our schools.
Marla Wolkowitz and Madeline Ehrlich will host a dessert and coffee for Laura Chardiet on Oct 2, 2011 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the home of Marla Wolkowitz, 10811 Ocean Dr., Culver City. All are welcome to meet the candidate.


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