Goldberg Gets Democratic Club Endorsement

Nancy Goldberg at the podium, flanked by campaign co-chair Karlo Silbiger

At a very crowded Culver City Democratic Club meeting on Sept. 14, Nancy Goldberg was the only candidate for the school board to come away with an endorsement. Judging for the numbers, she was the only candidate that most of the club members cared for at all, with neither Laura Chardiet or Board President Scott Zeidman garnering the numbers needed to grab the second endorsement. With a 60% vote required to garner the club’s support, Goldberg was the only candidate to to make the grade.

“When we moved to Culver City in 1962, , the high quality of the schools was a big attraction, and that has proved true with my two [children who are both] UCLA graduates”

Goldberg joined the Democratic Club in 1965, and has just retired from 41 years of teaching at CCHS.

“I thought running for the school board would be the natural extension of my teaching career,” Goldberg offered “so please vote for me so I can continue my life’s work.”


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  1. I found the answers and statements made by Scott Zeidman and Laura Chardiet to be well thought out, clear, on point and convincing.

  2. Nancy Goldberg is not running for this office to make a name for herself or embark on a poltical career. I believe she wants to continue her commitment to the children in this district and will always do what is best for them. I will definitely vote for Nancy and am willing to take a chance on Laura.

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